Professional Hypnotherapy Training C.C.M.H.
Certification Classes Tutor: Dr Lyn Bateman. .                                                   Introductory Level
            VALIDATED TRAINING               
Foundation Level
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
Practitioner Level
General Hypnotherapy Register
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
The course has been designed to give the Student "hands on experience" from the outset by way of intensive practical tuition at The Hypnotherapy & Relaxation Clinic combined with home study over the period of 14 weeks at the end of which time the Student will be suitably qualified as a Professional hypnotherapist.
The course is set out in an interesting and easy to follow format and has been designed to teach Students with no previous knowledge of hypnosis, to enable them to reach Practitioner status.
Hypnosis as a career
Professional hypnotherapy training
A further Education Training Program
The course is open to anyone wishing to join the caring profession or those already in professional practice, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Social workers, people already working in alternative medicine, and of course the person who is considering a complete change of vocation, working in the caring profession. No qualifications or previous experience necessary as full training will be given.
The course is to the highest possible standard and covers the A to Z of clinical and medical hypnosis. We belief it to be the most advanced course in clinical hypnosis in the UK and as been designed for both lay practitioners and use by the Medical Profession to assist with conventional Medicine.
Clinical Supervision
The course is conducted under the personal supervision of Dr. Lyn Bateman at all three levels and on-going professional advice, following completion of the course freely is available.
Diplomas will be awarded upon successfully completion of level three of the course, each student will receive a Diploma stamped by the official seal and stamp of the C.C.M.H. entitling them to use the designated letters A.P.C.C.M.H.
Students will also receive 12 months free professional membership.
The prestigious Postgraduate Diploma level 4 the most advanced level in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy may only be taken after the successful achievement of level 1.2.3.
Indemnity Insurance.
The opportunity to obtain Professional Medical Indemnity Insurance, which is essential for anyone working in the caring profession.All members of the C.C.M.H. must be in receipt of up to date indemnity insurance to remain members.
The Graduate, bottom left, from Dubai is just one of many International students who has come to the UK with the sole purpose of studying under the tutelage of
Dr. Lyn Bateman.
Below are just a small handful of our past Graduates.
The Graduate, bottom left, from Dubai is just one of many International students who has come to the UK with the sole purpose of studying under the tutelage of Dr. Lyn  Bateman.
Below, is a miniature sample of our new Diploma 
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