Degrees in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy
Training requirements
Degree training requires students to study under the guidance of an accredited Professor of the syllabus of any department of any recognized postgraduate institution/teaching hospital of your concerned country.
Admission Procedure
Admission open all year round to students.

  • Student Fees U K. Bachelors Degree £2.000
  • Doctor of Philosophy PhD £2.200
    All research work has to be submitted in the form of a thesis and CD
All degrees are issued in the discipline of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis.
Graduate Programs and Qualifications
Applicants who wish to be considered for graduate studies would be required to hold a recognized Diploma in Clinical or Medical Hypnotherapy such as the ( G.H.S.C ) General Hypnotherapy Standards Council UK,
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association or a Medical or Dental diploma or equivalent qualifications approved by C.C.M.H. The College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis is a recognised Postgraduate Teaching Institution based in the UK.
The only UK and European based Professor of the syllabus issuing  Degrees in Clinical & Medical Hypnosis.
Pictured on left: Dr. Lyn Bateman.
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
For further information Please contact.
Or Tel: 01633615050 South Wales. UK
Dr. Lyn M. Bateman. PhD., D.Sc., 
Accredited Professor of the syllabus,
Clinical and Medical Hypnosis Degree Programmes.
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Member British College Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.
President and Director of Clinical Research and Studies to the British College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis UK. 
Head office.
Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Clinic, 32 St. Mary Street, Risca. Gwent. NP116GS
South Wales. UK.
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