The College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis (C.C.M.H)
The C.C.M.H was founded in 1992 for the sole purpose of providing a first class training organization to enable lay persons and Medical Practitioners to learn the science of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis so they are able to work with each other side by side which is of great assistance to the medical profession, as hypnotherapy and conventional medicine can compliment each other perfectly. We also aim to provide on going specialised training Doctoral Degrees for qualified practising therapists whom we deem to have up to date quality training. Having its own complaints and disciplinary procedure's.
  • Code of ethics.
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Commitment to promoting Equality Opportunity.
No student shall be excluded from the course on the grounds of ethnic background, disability, education, gender, religion, and care is taken to ensure that no prejudice is contained or implied within documentation or information whether written or spoken
Our clinical institution is based on the belief that our students and professional colleagues needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting these needs.
Owing to the College being a Post Graduate Institution who issues Diplomas at Post Graduate level which the prerequisite qualification for eligibility to enrol on Bachelor of Science, PhD, and Doctor of Science Degree Courses in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy. No other courses are available at present from U K colleges or Universities.
All the Degree programmes are thesis and dissertation based with a minimum of
  • 40 0000 to 50 000 words ( for Doctoral Degrees )
  • 15 000 to 20 000 ( for Bachelors Degree )
  • Indian Board of Alternative Medicine

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